Yesterday was a bad day.  Way too emotional.  Messed with everything.

Today will be better. Today I won’t eat any reeces.

Logging everything in.  Doing it right. 

I won’t let him win.

Logged in all my food for today.  So far, so good.

never even posted yesterday.  I was in so much pain.  Only made it till noon at work and then came home and was just so miserable.  I didn’t eat well and it just made it worse.  So I allowed myself a huge pity party and just got through the night.

Woke up this morning feeling much better.  I have all my food for the day.  I have all my water.  I have my coffee.  I’m at work for 16 hours.  I’m going to walk my ass off and really push today.  Let’s see if it’s reflected on the scale in the morning.  

Gym tomorrow.  Day off for the kids. so lots of cleaning and then a trip to Michaels for duct tape stuff for the boy.

OK, lets kick today in the ass!

Well, tomorrow’s weight will be a hot mess.  After steroid injections, I ate like a horse.  Like a pint of ice cream horse.  So… my food is very strickly portioned for the weekend and I’m hoping that come Monday morning my weight will be down.  

Lots of water and walking around this weekend.  Hitting the gym hard come monday morning.

Ugh… steroids and hormones…. fucking horrible combination.

this morning’s weigh in…. 209.5


already drank lots of water and I’m having some coffee.

Boy is home with some stomach thing.  

Gotta take Mom to 2 MD appts.

I don’t think the gym will happen.  But, I’ll still make the best of it.  

Well, I did eat one reese peanut butter cup.  But in my defense, I was at high school orientation for the girl and you know I eat my feelings….
Had some turkey breast for dinner.  Not too shabby. 

It’s not a diet, it’s a change.

OK, I’m not going to keep posting on my other blog about my weight loss… so I made this blog up.

At my heaviest, I was 275lbs. 

Diabetic, HTN, and then diagnosed with Sjogrens and Fibromyalgia.

This past summer, I decided if I didn’t make a change I would be on insulin and a ton of meds for the rest of my life.

On May 11th, I stopped.  No gluten…  No diet soda.  

More fruits and veggies.  Just healthier, cleaner eating.

Before the end of the year, I had gotten down to 198lbs.  

Well, the holidays….. ugh.

OK, this morning I’m 209.

So, this is where I’ll bitch and moan, talk myself down from eating stuff I shouldn’t eat, and then scream and celebrate when I lose a few lbs, fit into a smaller size, lift more at the gym….

I’ll probably log my food in here, too.  Just to be doubly accountable.